Maple Cream Ale

Custom homebrew label for maple cream ale

When Lindsey told me she proposed to Craig – I knew we were in for an off-beat wedding.

Lindsey has never been afraid of being a little different and doing things her way. When we were in college she was always changing the color of her hair (blonde, green, red, orange). I will always fondly remember the day when we sculpted her green locks into spikes with Elmer’s glue and a blow-dryer. We went to a very preppy university, but she didn’t like to follow the crowd. This authenticity is part of what makes her such an amazing friend.

I wasn’t surprised when Lindsey and Craig declared that they weren’t registering for gifts and would rather have some old seasoned cast-iron pots, or well-loved books. This is when my husband and I decided to make them something a little extra-special to help with their celebration. My husband loves to brew beer and created a recipe for a tasty cream ale sweetened with Vermont maple syrup. It was golden and delicious and perfect for a fall wedding in the bride’s parents’ backyard in central Vermont. To honor the bride and groom I designed a label briefly telling the story of how they met, decorated with a motif of falling leaves from their invitations.

Weddings aren’t about stuffing your friends in poofy dresses, formal dinners and the electric slide. They’re all about celebrating two people who’ve decided they want to spend the rest of their lives together! Lindsey and Craig’s ceremony was the sweetest, most heartfelt ceremony I’ve ever witnessed. Love was truly in the air!

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Baby shower tea party invitation

…that’s what little girls are made of! A small tea party baby shower was thrown to honor the mom-to-be of a sweet baby girl. A clean teapot silhouette on the invitations was spiced up with soft coral pink polka-dots. The pink polka-dots were sprinkled among other printed decorations including place-settings and snickerdoodle favors. A full girly afternoon tea spread was served with a variety of tea sandwiches, fresh strawberry scones and clotted cream, pink raspberry macaroons, finished with a pink marzipan rose topped homemade princesstorte (Swedish princess cake).

Love is the Honey

Wedding favor table sign for honey

“Life is the flower, of which love is the honey.” – Victor Hugo

Emily’s mother contacted me not long before her daughter’s wedding. She had the sweetest idea of harvesting honey from her own hives to give to guests as favors. The vintage-inspired, summer wedding just needed one final touch to pull this all together. Colors were selected from wedding invitations and a honeycomb pattern was used as a backdrop, all of this was laid over a burlap texture to create a warm vintage feel.

By the way, McQueen Bee Honey is hands down the best honey I’ve ever tasted. Such a perfect favor for guests.

Photos provided by Nicole Isaacson Photography

Love Birds

Wedding invitation suite

My husband and I were married at the John J. Audubon Center in Audubon, PA. Our wedding was inspired by our love of nature, art and science with bits of Norwegian culture weaved throughout. Birds, well known for being monogamous animals, frequent travelers, and skilled at building nests make the perfect symbol of love, marriage and building a life together.

Since my husband is Norwegian and all of his friends and family were coming all the way from Norway, we welcomed them by incorporating Norwegian customs throughout our day. Both English and Norwegian versions of everything were printed. The overall feel of the day was that of a Norwegian spring.

Together, my husband and I with the help of our bridesmaids designed and created every bit of our wedding (showcased in Philadelphia Wedding’s Spring/Summer 2013 edition and in greater detail on Boho Weddings).

For our invitation design I created a motif based off of a traditional style of Norwegian painting called rosemaling. In this motif I incorporated tulips to symbolize Amsterdam (where we got engaged) and lily of the valley (both my husband’s grandmother’s favorite flower as well as mine). I used this motif as an embellishment around the main invitation, worked it into a wreath symbolizing marriage to go on envelope seals and necklace pendants, decorated postage stamps, and created multiple patterns that were used as envelope liners and even printed on fabric for bow ties.

Illustrations of birds were created from tracings of John Audubon’s birds and used to decorate invitation response cards and other pieces of the invitation suite. Drawings of birds served as markers on hand drawn maps of local and regional areas around the wedding.

We picked our wedding date as the day after Norwegian Constitution Day so that our Norwegian guests would have time off to travel. We kicked off our wedding festivities with a picnic in celebration of the 17th of May (Norwegian Constitution Day). For the invitation to the picnic which was included in our wedding invitations, I adapted birds from a painting by John Audubon to hold Norwegian flags.

Proud as Peacocks

Wedding Invitation with Peacocks

It was fitting that Molly selected a peacock motif for herwedding the bright colors reflect her bold and fun personality. The elegance of the peacock design also suited the Edwardian style manor house that served as the backdrop for Molly and Matt’s special day.

A paisley pattern in bold peacock colors adorned different elements of the invitation suite and was later used by the bride to dress up the menus and programs. Font types selected were a more casual, yet elegant cursive paired with a very traditional serif font.

After the invitations were designed, Molly added peacock feathers to the groomsmen’s boutonnieres, bridesmaids’ bouquets and shoes. It was sophisticated way to weave bold color throughout her special day. Flowers were in deep purples and magentas with pops of citrus green.


Afternoon Tea

Elegant Afternoon Tea Invitation

A few years ago in honor of my grandmother’s 90th birthday, my mom through a tea party for all of her friends. I was quickly recruited to design the invitations. I chose to use a beautiful photo of her that she had taken at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York. To complement her photo, I added her favorite flowers – garden roses all set on a soft peachy background. Since the recipients of the invitation would be people with faded vision large, clear and easy to read fonts were used. The afternoon was a success, over thirty of her friends attended as well as relatives from around the country to honor her.